Window Covering Measuring and Installation, offered by Classic Window Coverings in Bend, OR
Silhouette® window shadings

Our Professional Window Covering Installation

We Ensure A Perfect Fit

Let Classic Window Coverings take the stress out of your home improvement project. We’ll measure and install your new window treatments – and make your life easy! Our experienced staff is fully trained to properly measure and install virtually any window covering.

Professional Measurements

Our team of experienced professionals will measure with your specific window treatments in mind, taking into consideration doors, moldings and other architectural features that will have to be worked around. While we’re taking measurements, we will evaluate your existing window treatment hardware drapery rods and make a determination on whether they will work with your new window treatments. Our staff will ensure the new window treatments meet your needs as far as function and style while also confirming that they can support the weight of the new window treatment. If new hardware is needed, our staff will assist you with choosing from the styles and finishes that are available and if they’ll be right for your new project. If your window treatments include a valance or cornice, we’ll measure to make sure it will be positioned correctly and ensure that any window treatments below the cornice or valance will fit and function properly.

Blind and Shade Measuring and Installation, offered by Classic Window Coverings in Bend, OR
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
Window Treatment Installation, offered by Classic Window Coverings in Bend, OR
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Professional Installation Service

Our team of professional window treatment installers will take all the stress and heavy lifting out of the installation process for you. Our experienced professionals will ensure that the weight of the draperies or coverings are distributed correctly, that your new window treatments are positioned correctly, and that the entire process goes quickly and smoothly. It’s very important to us that the weight of the window treatments is supported correctly and that care is taken to protect your home’s woodwork. We have all the proper tools and equipment required to make sure window treatments are installed correctly and hang in the manner they are designed to. We will also steam draperies to ensure the length and body are perfect and the finish is as impressive as possible, and we’ll adjust your shades and shutters so they function correctly when you opened and closed.

We know that very few homes are built with perfectly square and flush window sills and casings. Armed with experience, our installers know how to take enough measurements to ensure the treatments can be adapted during manufacturing and installation to minimize or completely eliminate the noticeable signs of a window that is badly out of square. Their preparation and techniques ensure your project will be completed on schedule and within budget, saving you money and your very valuable time.

You can rely on our friendly, experienced and professional team to ensure that your home improvement project is flawless from measurements to installation. Our employees are friendly as well as courteous and respectful of your home. Everyone coming into your home from Classic Window Coverings is background checked, insured and is committed to making sure that your window treatments are installed properly and look great.

When you work with us, your window covering project will be perfect, from start to finish. Our installers are prompt, courteous and helpful, and you'll feel comfortable inviting them into your home.

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