Types of Motorized Blinds and Shades

Upgrading your window treatments to motorized blinds and shades is easy at Classic Window Coverings! Our team of experts has years of experience selling Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments in Bend, Oregon and the surrounding cities in Central Oregon. Together, our team can work with you to determine which motorization system will work best with your window treatments. Contact us today to learn more about the motorized operation systems listed below!

Hard-Wired Motorized Blinds and Shades

The Hard-Wired Motorized Blinds and Shades by Hunter Douglas are designed for the optimal operation and precision control. The Hard-Wired window treatments are controlled using the PlatinumTM wall switch through the PlatinumTM remote or a home automation system.

The Hard-Wired blinds and shades have many benefits over standard operation window treatments, including:

  • Accessibility – Hard-Wired window treatments allow you to operate blinds in hard to reach locations.
  • Appearance – Hard-Wired window treatments have no operating cords so there is nothing blocking the view of your blinds or shades.
  • Convenience – There is no easier way to operate your window treatments than with the press of a button on the PlatinumTM wall switch or remote!
  • Safety – With the cords removed, the window treatments are much safer for homes with children or pets.

The Hard-Wired motorization system works best with Duette® Honeycomb Shades, Silhouette® Window Shadings, Vignette® Roman Shades, Hunter Douglas Screen and Roller Shades, and Provenance® Woven Wood Shades.

PowerTiltTM with PlatinumTM Technology for Powered Blinds

The PowerTiltTM with PlatinumTM Technology system by Hunter Douglas is created for use with horizontal Hunter Douglas products. This battery-powered system allows you to tilt the slats open or closed using a Platinum Technology remote. To operate, all you have to do is press the remote at the satellite eye and press the buttons to tilt the slats.

The PowerTiltTM system with PlatinumTM Technology has many benefits, including increased convenience to operate the slats with a remote. This motorized system also gives added privacy and sunlight options because you can easily tilt the blinds to the exact position that you need.

This motorization system is compatible with any of the Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds, including the Parkland® collections, the EverWood® collections, Reveal®, Macro, Natural ElementsTM, Lightlines®, Décor®, and Celebrity® horizontal blinds.

PowerViewTM Motorization

PowerViewTM Motorization is an innovative, automatic window treatment operation system from Hunter Douglas. This revolutionary product allows you to open, close and adjust your window treatments throughout the day through a remote or a smartphone application. Using the Pebble Remote Control, a Pebble Scene Controller, or the PowerViewTM App, different scenes can be created to adjust all shades in one room at the same time.

The benefits of PowerViewTM Motorization include:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency – Your blinds can be programmed to block sunlight throughout the day, which increases or decreases the heat buildup in your home by opening the blinds on sunny winter days to absorb heat and closing the blinds on sunny summer days to block heat.
  • Programmability – Unlike other operating systems, PowerViewTM Motorization allows the window treatments to be programmed using the app to open and close at specific times throughout the day.
  • Convenience - PowerViewTM Motorization gives you a new level of convenience for operating your window blinds and shades with just the press of a button on the remote or the app.

PowerViewTM Motorization is available with a many different Hunter Douglas window treatments, such as Honeycomb Shades, Horizontal Blinds, Roller Shades, Screen Shades, Sheers and Shadings, Vertical Blinds, and Woven Woods.