PowerView™ Motorization

Motorized window treatments are the newest technology from Hunter Douglas. The PowerView™ Motorization operating system, winner of the Reddot award for 2016 and the winner of the Technology category for the Best of Year 2015 Interior Design- Design Innovation Award, is a great choice for your home. This motorization system, which allows you to control all the shades in your home with the simple touch of a button, was made to make your life incredibly simplistic. Available in a wide range of Hunter Douglas products, like the Applause® and Duette® as well as eighteen other products, the PowerView™ Motorization operating system could be the perfect fit for your home. Let the experts at Classic Window Coverings, your best choice for PowerView™ Motorization in Bend, Oregon, help you make the most of your window treatments with this technology.


PowerView™ Motorization offers many benefits for its users, but most predominantly, it offers simplicity. The PowerView™ Motorization system can be paired with many high-quality, Hunter Douglas products. This motorization system allows you to be in complete control of all the windows in your home by only using a remote or smartphone app. The PowerView™ Motorization system can easily be controlled with the Pebble™ Remote Control or the Pebble™ Scene Controller or can be even farther utilized for more simplicity in your life with the PowerView™ smartphone application. While the remotes give you immediate control over your window treatments without ever having to move from where you are stationed in your home, the PowerView™ app allows you to utilize all the benefits of your motorized shades by not only controlling them, but also allowing you to set a schedule.


The PowerView™ Smartphone app allows you to program your window treatments to cater to your lifestyle. When you set up a schedule for your window treatments, you no longer have to worry about opening all your shades in the morning when you wake up or making sure they are all closed before you go to bed, the app remembers for you. With the app, you can program your window treatments to open when you want them in the mornings, close periodically throughout the day when your rooms need to be dimmed because or bright sunlight, and you can feel secure in your home knowing that all of your blinds are shut at the end of the day without having to go around and check every window yourself. In addition to making your life easier, the PowerView™ Motorization operating system will also make your home safer and thus keep your mind at ease.


You may be asking yourself, how can PowerView™ Motorization possibly be the thing that keeps my home safe? And the answer is simple, automation. Automation is one of the most important factors to keeping your home safe from burglaries and intrusion. With the PowerView™ Motorization system you can set a schedule to make it appear like there is activity going on in your home by periodically opening and closing your blinds even when you are not here. Homes are targeted for burglaries because of inactivity within the home during the day.  By making your home appear active you can greatly reduce the risk of a burglary occurring.

Now that you have seen the benefits of the PowerView™ Motorization system, it is time to contact the experts at Classic Window Coverings, your best choice for window treatment and motorized shades in Bend, Oregon. Contact us today and let our team of experienced designers guide you through the process of choosing new window treatments with this advanced PowerView™ Motorization operating system.