Plantation Shutters: Decorating Options

Plantation shutters add a classical elegance that no other window treatment can offer, and they can be a fantastic addition to any room. But not only do plantation shutters look amazing; they also are extremely versatile. This article will break down the options for installing shutters so you know which works best for your home.

Folding Shutter Panels

One of the most common hinge designs for shutters is the Bi-Fold Track layout, available on all Hunter Douglas shutters. Allowing up to six panels to be latched together, Bi-Fold shutters fold on top of each other to neatly and easily open up to let light in without taking too much space in the room. The panels are attached to a track on the top of the window frame. This track supports the panels and helps guide their folding movements.

Sliding Door Shutters

If you are looking to add shutters to a sliding glass door, you are going to want to install the Bypass Track. Also available with any of the Hunter Douglas family of shutters, the two panels slide past each other to allow easy passage through any doorway. They are connected to tracks on the top of the frame and that is how they glide open and closed.

Hinge Placement

The third hinge design available for Hunter Douglas shutters are Hinged Panels. For this system, the panels are hinged both together and to the window frame, often using T-posts in the center of the opening to allow for even more design possibilities. Hinged panels can open up wide into a room, letting in as much light as you could possibly want; or they can shut tight and provide some of the best sun blocking shutters can offer. Hinge placement can vary depending on your needs or architecture.

Tilt Bar Placement

On top of how the hinges are laid out, there are also multiple options for shutter operating systems. The most common one is the classic front tilt bar. You have almost certainly seen this operating system before: there is a long vertical bar in the middle of the panel that open and close every slat uniformly. This classic and easy to use operating system is available on each type of Hunter Douglas shutter.

But if you find the bar on your shutters particularly unattractive then you may want to try the TruView™ Rear Tilt system. The whole system is barely even visible from the front of the shutters. Just move one slat and the rest will follow your lead. No bar, no problem.

Whatever operating system you decide is best for your shutters, get them from Classic Window Coverings, the home for plantation shutters in Bend, Oregon. We proudly serve Bend and the surrounding cities in central Oregon.